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tech & telecom

In the often complex world of technology and telecom, People Productions helps you make it simple–from creating clear, powerful media and messaging to navigating the hurdles of filming in secure locations–our track record speaks for itself.


clear communication that cuts through

By their very nature technology and communications companies often expect things to move at light-speed. And when needed our team does just that. From live-streaming or shooting, video editing and presenting on location in a day to videotaping action-packed sporting events or animating an electronic art board for NASDAQ on-site—we adapt to our clients’ timelines and unique production requirements.
But it’s not just video and media production excellence that makes us experts in tech and telecom. Doing great work in these industries requires the ability and willingness to dig in and deeply understand your technology—then communicate your message with just the right balance of precision and persuasion. Let us put our expertise to work for you.
Communicating technically complex information

Filming in secure or demanding locations

Live streaming and on-site production

2D and 3D animation

Technology and communications media 


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