Our Story

People. There’s a reason it’s part of our name.
A lot of companies talk about their people making the difference. For us…it’s who we are.


We’ve been around.

People Productions has built our reputation producing consistently great video for almost 30 years. And video is still core to our business. But, as the tools for producing and delivering media communications evolved, so did we. Always focusing on what really matters. The message.

When you think about it, telling great, persuasive stories hasn’t changed that much from cave paintings to the highest of high-tech digital media. So, that’s our primary focus. That said, we love all the new ways to produce that story. Blended media, mobile apps, interactive presentations, websites, social media, and the myriad video outlets–the possibilities are practically limitless.

With all the options, we know it’s key to help our clients intelligently integrate ALL of their digital media. Making sure all of your media works together, from both a content and technology point of view.

Get in touch. We’ll put fresh content and innovative new media together to tell a great story for you.