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Social Responsibility Report


Ethics, compliance, and good governance are a cornerstone at People Productions. We are committed to operating responsibly and delivering the products we design for our clients with the same basic foundation. We articulate our expectations for ethical behavior to our team and encourage a ‘speak-up’ culture, ensuring that everyone plays a role in reaching our expectations.


Every project is unique. We use our depth of experience to tell stories for our clients in new ways. We strive to help our clients communicate in new ways to form connections and bonds. This requires innovative approaches, new insights, and a culture that accepts risk as part of the creative process. We allow anyone to provide fresh insights or a new approach. We mentor and support each other as we strive to create entirely new work for our clients.

Our Team

We believe at the intersection of our team members’ talents and unique skills lies a sweet spot where stellar work takes shape. Collaboration and respect remains at the heart of our process. Our down-to-earth culture celebrates diverse perspectives and creates a place where our people, and in turn our clients, can flourish. With every step we take, we respect and embrace diversity, and ensure we are inclusive of our employees, clients, and business partners. We encourage outreach and travel into the world to learn about other cultures and other people, first-hand.

Social Impact

  • Philanthropy   For decades, philanthropy has been core to People Productions, For instance, we have been participants in the Community Foundation’s Culture of Giving Program, and our membership in Social Venture Partners. Now, we contribute time, money, and expertise to local community groups with a more hands-on, long-term approach. Each year several projects are produced, either pro-bono, with matching funds, or at reduced rates, so non-profits we support can have effective marketing communications via videos, websites, and the synergy of new media. We also allocate time for our staff to join in volunteer programs. 
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Equity  At People Productions we place a high value on diversity and equity. Every team member is essential and valued. Our managers and team members all work together to foster an inclusive environment. It is our belief that this environment helps our company, employees, and clients reach their highest potential. Our diversity action plan is built by the whole team, all voices are encouraged to speak, be heard, and guide us into a better future.
  • Supply Chain Responsibility   We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and have worked to build a force that represents our high standards, good citizenship, and ethics. Our new supplier diversity program evaluates our suppliers and encourages good stewardship.


  • Travel  Our camera people fly across the nation and around the world to capture on-location footage of our clients and their activities. We look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint from flying and driving. When possible we work with camera people who are located in these far-flung sites to cut down on costs – both financial and environmental. People Productions encourages car-pooling, installed a custom bike rack inside the office for cyclists, and we provide our employees with free RTD bus passes.
  • Recycling  People Productions has been recycling to minimize waste around the office since the mid ’90s. Signs above the bins teach people what can be and can’t be recycled – it doesn’t make sense to clog the system with good intentions, but incorrect actions. And we make it a point not to just throw away old gear–instead, we try to find good homes for still-functioning video hardware, computers, and monitors. To avoid creating more waste, we use recycled packaging materials whenever possible.