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Industry experience fuels our strategic insights.

Our perspective is unique. Thanks to almost 40 years of creating solutions for medical, life sciences, technology and manufacturing clients, we’ve learned a few things. From bringing our clients’ stories to life with the latest technologies, to explaining how we approach messaging and strategy, to sharing success stories, we invite you to get to know how People Productions works. Then, let’s talk about how we can put these insights to work for you.

Case Study: Promega and Sales Enablement

Promega turned to People Productions to support their biggest product release in years. Collaboratively, an interactive brochure was developed so the sales reps could be nimble in client meetings and showcase the features of the new product.

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Seeing Is Believing: Making Augmented Reality a Reality

Now you can use augmented reality (AR) to easily show customers a 3D version of your product as though it is sitting right in front of you using your mobile phone/tablet.

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Powerful Messaging Part 1:
This is your Brain on Stories

A challenging task. A scary moment. Or embarrassing experience. We’ve all had those times where, afterward, we think “At least I got a good story out of it.” But what makes a story a good story? And why are good stories important when it comes to B2B marketing?


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