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Global Sales Approach

Best Practices in Translation and Product Availability

Companies with sales teams around the globe need streamlined methods to update their sales material, provide collateral in different languages, and the ability to change which products are available around the world. People Productions has developed a sales app that allows companies to easily update the languages used in the sales app, and also can easily customize which products are available in different regions.

Imagine that your company has six products available around the globe. Some are available everywhere, while two of the products are not available in APAC or EMEA due to regulatory or other reasons. Using our approach with apps, your admin can turn on and off which products are available in each country or region – all from one admin tool.

Also, as the admin you can upload different languages, as Excel files, into the app so each region can use the app in their local language. This also allows for different messaging in different countries – allowing different claims to be made in various regions. For instance, in France your reps may want the ability to use either French or English. In the United States, the admin could provide English or Spanish languages.

This multi-language and multi-product approach streamlines the work of creating a sales app, and it is easy to maintain one app for use around the world. This solves the issue of keeping your teams aligned and rolling out new products globally. And, these apps work on all devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones.

This regionalization technique can be applied to many types of sales apps that we create. Watch the video above to see how this regionalization app works with an interactive brochure that helps the reps with persona-based, guided selling.

Streamline your global sales methods!

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