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Seeing Is Believing:
Making Augmented Reality a Reality

Using AR to connect your products to your customers

Are your products tough to carry to a client’s office? Is it a challenge to show your products in an online call? Are they too sensitive to ship or take too long to set up? Now you can use augmented reality (AR) to easily show customers a 3D version of your product as though it is sitting right in front of you using your mobile phone/tablet.

In addition to showing your device in the customer’s space, AR allows you to click buttons or ‘hot spots’ that can be instrumental in helping a sales rep tell your product’s story. As an example, click a button to start an animation that illustrates the inner workings of your new product. A different hot spot can show a close up image or provide a PDF with more information.

This guided approach to selling helps engage with customers beyond a printed sell sheet or powerpoint presentation by giving it the perception of a physical presence. Clients can truly envision your product in their facility with AR.

Your product, everywhere

If you have products you sell, AR can be invaluable. Your sales rep can walk into a client’s clean room and show the small amount of space needed for your latest innovation. There’s no need to drag large capital equipment around to trade shows. Just have your presenter on stage show a virtual version on the screen as they walk around the new device.

If you need to keep the competition from seeing your products, you can use AR to ensure that the image is only viewable when the camera can see a special image. For instance, you can send out a flyer to a customer, with directions to hold the card with the special image up to the AR tool on your website–this is similar to using a QR code. Then, the 3D image displays on the screen of your customer’s device. Your competition cannot launch the tool without the special card and image. This flyer or one-sheet approach can work as a brochure or have your sales rep use it as an intriguing ‘leave-behind’ that customers can use to educate other stakeholders in their organization. Best of all, it doesn’t require a download and is easy to launch.

See data in new ways

While AR is ideal to showcase new products, it’s also perfect to bring data to life in an engaging way. Charts and graphs can be mind-numbing, but when they are expanded with additional context and visuals, then your audience becomes involved and your message becomes memorable.

For instance, make a splash with your hurricane wind data set and walk through the hurricane to point out the eye of the storm.

Showing medical imagery can be larger than life using AR. Imagine showing an MRI or a CT scan of a patient, while you slide through the layers of the brain. Or show where a tumor in the lung is situated in a 3D rotating view. Even scanning electron microscopes can show each layer of the tissue – just a swipe of the finger and you can highlight each layer.

Transporting goods to customers can be complex. Coordinating movements and solving problems that deal with procurement, distribution and maintenance can be cumbersome to train new sales reps on and explain to customers. AR can show diverse shipping routes in an entirely new and unique way.

AR for product training

eLearning is another effective use for AR to help embed training with your teams or customers. Now your trainee can click a button to hide the shell of your product and see how it functions inside – all without having to alter an actual product. AR can even be embedded into a SCORM package in your LMS.

Your AR capability is waiting

AR uses your web camera and a simple website or small web app. Also, an AR tool can be hosted on the Apple or Android app stores, or placed in a sales enablement platform.

You don’t need to come to us with your AR plans fully finalized. Bring us your challenge or big idea and let our team help ideate and create a vision with you before we get into coding. Just supply your 3D model – or we can create a model for you. Creating an AR tool is a quick process. We are nimble and can get you up to speed quickly.

Our team is made up of highly experienced marketing and sales enablement strategists with seasoned designers, copywriters, video editors, animators, and a savvy development team. We have everything you need for your marketing and app projects to be a success.

Are you ready to make a memorable first impression? Let our team help you see how AR can be a powerful new tool in helping customers envision your products in their spaces. After all, seeing really is believing.

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