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Showpad Selects People Productions as Implementation Partner

People Productions Insights USA Implementation Partner

A successful sales rep is a nimble one, who requires strong support from their company and engaging, well-organized sales material at their fingertips. This core need is the springboard for Showpad, the leading global sales enablement platform, to certify People Productions as one of the first agencies in the United States to provide strategy to companies using the Showpad sales and training platform. 

Showpad, as a SaaS platform, provides a blank canvas for organizations to customize their sales enablement programs for greater success. To earn Implementation Certification from Showpad, People Productions had to demonstrate advanced knowledge in not only the software platform, but also marketing strategy and best practices for bringing marketing and sales teams together. In addition, they bring extensive experience and capabilities in training and eLearning. 

Don Poe, CEO of People Productions, shares “Showpad has a rich depth of features to propel sales teams, supporting them as they close on bigger and better deals more quickly. Building on our experience with other large companies, we combine our proven consulting approach with targeted, engaging sales and marketing content creation. This approach elevates sales associates to make objectives and targets efficiently.”

People Productions gets what it takes for sales teams to succeed."

Rachel SaundersGlobal Solutions Partnerships at Showpad

“People Productions gets what it takes for sales teams to succeed. Not only do they create great sales materials and apps, they also understand the bigger picture of sales enablement and how it ties into marketing. They bring the whole sales cycle to life,” said Rachel Saunders, in charge of Global Solutions Partnerships at Showpad. 

People Productions creates custom sales apps for large and small companies, from ROI calculators to playbooks to augmented reality. Additionally, their in-house teams create eLearning and training materials for global companies. 

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    About People Productions 

    Based out of Boulder, Colorado, People Productions brings nearly 40 years of experience as a marketing agency and over a decade in sales enablement to business to business (B2B) companies. Its team of experts gets excited making the complicated simple and helping customers tell their stories to the people that matter, in a way that matters most to them.

    : 303-449-6086
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