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Case Study: Elevating PowerPoint for Sales Success

In the dynamic world of sales, presentations are often the make-or-break moment in sealing the deal. Crafting compelling, on-brand, and data-driven sales presentations is an art that can now be mastered effortlessly with our sales enablement Presentation Builder app.

Our client needed to expedite a way to create new PowerPoint presentations that would make their training and sales pitches shine within the Showpad platform. In this case, they wanted the ability to extract essential slides from one or more of their multiple PowerPoint presentations and combine them into a unified cohesive presentation.

Syncing with Sales Enablement Platforms

Creating PowerPoint presentations within Showpad is a familiar process, our challenge was to enable users to consolidate specific slides from multiple PowerPoint presentations seamlessly within the Showpad platform, without the need to navigate out of Showpad. Our Presentation Builder app makes that possible.

The Presentation Builder app operates seamlessly within the Showpad sales enablement platform. This app utilizes PowerPoint assets (both .ppt and pptx) that are available in Showpad, including MyFiles, Shared Spaces, and Collections. A user first identifies the slides that they want to extract from different PowerPoint presentations. Then they choose how to merge the selected slides into a single presentation. Showpad incorporates a built-in PowerPoint editing feature, allowing users to further customize the new deck.

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Our custom API delivers a seamless experience

We developed a custom API that interacts with both the Showpad API and a third-party API to retain branding and formatting in the slides, while the sales reps can stay in Showpad the whole time using approved assets to create their new decks. In layman’s terms, this means we created new code to make different computer systems work together so reps can work easily and efficiently. 

Sales enablement is a team effort. Our application facilitates collaborative editing and secure sharing, ensuring that the entire sales team can contribute their expertise to craft winning presentations. Discover how our app can revolutionize your sales presentations today.

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