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With all the remote day-to-day business we’re doing, it can be difficult to stay connected with customers and coworkers. Yet, we know how crucial it is to stay in touch in a business environment to ensure continued productivity and cooperation.  Businesses can do a few things right now to help facilitate harmony, cultivate trust, and create prospects through remote communication.


Even in times of adversity, content is king and captivates an audience. There are creative ways to leverage your existing content and facilitate quality communication by using these tried and tested platforms:

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Video

Nothing tells the story of your current business process better than the video medium; where the power of music, voiceover narration, animation, interviews and more combine to awaken the senses and heighten emotional connection. A video ensures your message is presented in its best light.

Utilize Video Conferences

Do you have a case study or example to present to your team? Try recording your next Zoom meeting or
presentation. No one wants to watch that hour long video – but turn it into a 3 minute highlight and you have something that can engage your customer. Pass that recording to an agency or editor to make it tight, and suddenly, you have a compelling sales tool.

Facilitate Connection Through Training and eLearning

Smart businesses consistently engage their customers, offering educational opportunities. And, all too often, communication with your most important constituency, your employees, gets overlooked. Online learning accommodates everyone’s needs and lectures can be taken any number of times. Plus, your trainers don’t need to travel. Content can be frequently updated and able to be accessed from any location. eLearning platforms provide quick delivery of lessons that contain scalable, consistent content. And, you build analytics that help provide insights into how individuals are doing and overall trends throughout your company.

Webinars and Streaming Events Build Excitement

Replace expensive in-person trade shows and meetings with an online event. Building hype around an event gives people something to look forward to, providing excitement around an offering. Production companies have techniques to make a prerecorded video feel like a live event, ensuring the presentation is polished. After the video finishes, switch back to live streaming for commentary, questions, and participation. Lead your customers through the buyers’ journey by interacting in a live setting.

Microsites can be Beneficial

A microsite is a branded content site that lives outside the regular company homepage/URL. Sometimes it pays to get outside the box of your corporate website in order to reach a new, targeted audience demographic. It allows you to build brand awareness around a specific product launch, or it might direct a subset of users to perform pointed actions like signing up for emails.

Bring It Home with Email Campaigns and Social Media

Once you’ve executed any one of the compelling content ideas above, you finally have an opportunity to send out an email with confidence, knowing there’s sticky content to support the initiative. Rest assured, social networks will share great content and lead your audience to the right landing page. Short videos snippets really help attract eyes on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Clear and concise messaging always matters. And it’s important to set your tone from the top of your organization. Understand where your employees and customers are emotionally. Match words with the same actions that your leadership and communication team takes regularly. Stay in tune with employees by training often and communicating regularly. Consistency indicates leadership, too. And finally, don’t forget to show empathy, because connecting on a human level will always build trust.

People Productions connects people through the art of story. When your story is accentuated by quality content, sound, voice-over, or other multimedia, a platform for authentic connection is created. We help companies distill their message into inspiring language. Whether for marketing, sales, or even customer service, you can tell your story in a powerful way with quality content. During this critical time, you can influence how your employees and customers think and act—about your company, your products, and the industry as a whole. As experts in the process, People Productions can help guide you toward better human connections and ROI for your business.

Visit the our portfolio page to see what other types of work we do, or go to LearningP2P to learn more about our eLearning work.

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