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Medical Marketing:
A People to People Conversation

B2B vs B2C

Staid, factual, and often boring. Compared to vibrant B2C marketing, B2B medical marketing can seem like the uptight, by-the-book chaperone at a high school dance—rigid and no fun.

Buzzwords, jargon, and lists of features often pepper the content. They do little to fully engage the audience. So how can B2B marketing be both informative and engaging? How can it make an impact that drives sales?

By taking a cue from successful B2C marketers.

Clarity is king

Marketers use jargon to show that they have tacit knowledge of the industry. Often, though, they create confusion by doing so. Conveying how a complex medical product works is vital in the sales process. Establishing a voice that connects with the purchaser means translating the complicated into clear, simple messaging that conveys how your product will impact the buyer, his or her company, even the world.

Simple, right? It’s anything but. Unraveling a product’s complexity is tough. Communicating that complexity in an engaging, succinct way is even tougher. That’s why companies so often fall prey to fragmented messaging, which ends up confusing potential clients.

So how do you end the risk of the marketing communication chaos? First, you need internal alignment. That means getting all the stakeholders onboard with what you want to communicate. You need to understand what your audiences’ challenges are, and how your product solves them. Then create a concise, engaging way to convey it—even if it is highly detailed and technical.

Be wiser than conventional wisdom

B2B audiences make purchases based on rationality and logic, while the B2C are influenced by emotion. That’s the prevailing belief. But that doesn’t mean the B2B consumers are robots. Yes, they have their company’s interest in mind. But emotion matters. How is your product filling a need, and how is it bettering their company? By identifying the real world benefit associated with your product, you help seal the sale.

People over products

Your company has spent time, money, and a great deal of energy creating your product. Of course you want to talk about it, trumpet how great it is. But no matter how nifty your product is, if your audience doesn’t see how it’ll help them solve their problem, then your marketing communications have failed. So instead of talking at the audience about your product, create a conversation, meet them with solving their needs. Inject the human element into your B2B marketing communications. It’ll create a deeper connection—a connection that is an added driver for decision makers.

The B2B and B2C markets are different. Where B2C market is all about the emotional, the B2B market is filled with knowledge seekers hungry for information on how they can save their company time, money, and resources. But at the end of the day, both markets are made up of people. That’s why successful B2B marketing communications is really just a P2P—people to people—conversation.

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