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People Productions Helps Companies Bring Home the Sale with Showpad

When you fuel your sales division with a cohesive vision and clear company message, sales pitches translate into handshake deals faster and more efficiently. We believe Showpad is one of the most powerful tools to tell your story consistently, scaling sales excellence and optimizing ROI. As a full-service guide to Showpad, People Productions specializes in finding the shortest path to driving home sales with content and apps that delight customers.


Understanding the tools that fuel sales goals is a critical component of a team’s success. People Productions helps companies anticipate sales barriers, synthesize message scenarios, and build visualization tools that speak to customer desires. By organizing resources to sell more effectively you’ll have one centralized location for sellers to discover, present, and share the latest on-brand content. 

Today, your customers are demanding better videos, ROI calculations, apps, and other tools to help them buy into your story and understand the legitimacy of your offering. Access and understanding of the tools that fuel sales goals is a critical component of your team’s success. We help bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams,  creating engaging experiences so you will sell the way your buyers want to buy. People Productions helps anticipate possible sales barriers by synthesizing message scenarios, building visualization tools that speak to customer desires, and by organizing resources to sell more effectively. 

Cultivate Your Team
and Success

Through recruitment videos, training videos, eLearning, and sales enablement apps, you will set a path toward successfully attracting, cultivating, and empowering your most important resource—your employees.

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