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At Worlds Largest Sales Enablement Conference

November, 20th, 2019, Chicago, IL- Showpad “Transform,” the largest sales enablement conference in the world, has awarded People Productions the “Agency of the Year Award.” The award recognizes People Productions’ expertise in sales enablement and creation of custom applications for sales teams.

Sales enablement is a strategic enterprise process for ensuring sales teams have the content and guidance they need to engage customers and increase sales. Whether it’s anticipating the barriers to closing a deal, finding consistency in messaging, or having visualization tools that speak to customer desires, sales teams need resources in order to sell more effectively. Access and understanding of the tools that fuel sales goals is a critical component to a team’s success.

The Showpad technology platform combines sales readiness, smart sales content, and powerful sales engagement capabilities to drive meaningful conversations and increase sales. Showpad has 450 employees globally, with customers such as BASF, GE Healthcare, Fujifilm, Bridgestone, Prudential, Honeywell and Merck. The Transform conference is the largest gathering of sales enablement professionals in the world, held in London and Chicago. While Showpad provides the technology and stage for sales enablement, they’ve partnered with companies like People Productions to help them further zero in on content development strategy for their customers.

People Productions bridges the power of Sales and Marketing

Based in Boulder, Colorado, People Productions develops messaging and marketing campaigns for B2B companies globally. They also provide guidance and content tools to help expand and enhance sales enablement through Showpad. Don Poe, CEO of People Productions, said, “From the first contact to the close, prospects need to hear a story that captivates them, motivates action, and increases loyalty from beginning to end. We help companies create the right tools so every member of your team is on the same page.”

Showpad recognizes the leadership People Productions provides when creating sales apps. Poe continues, “Field teams have great success closing deals when they can prove ROI using our calculators apps. Other apps show products in beautiful 3D, inside and out.” Through sales enablement, a company is empowered to scale it’s sales organization beyond a handful of over-achievers. It provides all sales staff with best practices, knowledge, tools, and resources required to be successful. The effort essentially democratizes the process of being a successful sales person.

For more information on how People Productions can empower your company’s sales enablement, please complete our contact form to the right.

Get the most out of sales enablement with Showpad.

People Productions guides companies through the sales enablement process, finding the best strategy and tools to increase sales. Whether it’s finding consistency in messaging, developing content strategy, or building apps like ROI calculators and sales playbooks, we’ll find the right path to sales efficiency.

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