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Video Marketing Doesn’t Pause for Covid

Videos are an essential tool for sales and training. And nothing brings out the emotion and connection to your brand like a strong story. 

And now, with clients now taking the lead in their own buying journeys, a strong video on your website is frequently the first thing they will see. So as your potential new customers research your services and/or products, read reviews, and size you up against the competition, it is imperative that you have strong videos at every stage; from product and customer testimonial videos, technology animations, product training, and other videos.

Plus, Google loves videos and places websites that have them rank higher in their search results. The ROI in producing videos is abundant and clear. 

Videography Considerations with COVID? 

Yes, you can still create marketing and training videos while COVID lingers. Given the range and quality of digital technology that’s available today, you even have the option of choosing between shooting your video ‘in-person’ or actually filming it remotely with your talent staying at home. And with our guidance along the way, you’re assured of getting a high quality video presentation. 

Our techniques will elevate your videos well beyond the poorly recorded Zoom productions. Plus, our approach will make your videos ‘evergreen’ and not-so-obviously shot during Covid. This will extend the length of time you can use the videos that we make and position your company for long-term growth. What’s more, professionally-produced videos will absolutely help to strengthen and build your brand image. 

Create any type of video:

Shooting In-Person, On Location

Option #1 for videography

 Let’s look at the first choice of shooting in person (a distanced face-to-face) at your desired location. Although this is generally our preferred approach, it does require some on-set care to ensure everyone is comfortable and remains well. 

At People Productions, we’ll generally send a minimal production crew, maintain strict social distancing, require glove and mask wearing, and of course, bring along plenty of hand sanitizer. 

Our primary concern throughout the entire shoot process is to ensure the ‘talent’ is confident and feeling comfortable all along the way. We will coach them on how to speak confidently so we have the segments we need when we edit the video. 

And, as an example on the practical side of things, we wipe down the small ‘lavalier’ microphone, set it down, then the on-camera talent can attach the mic themselves while at a safe distance from anyone else. Everyone behind the camera will be wearing masks, too. 

Other options to consider include filming in a larger studio or space where there’s more room between everyone involved. Or, if it’s a possibility, we have held shoots outdoors where there’s plenty of fresh air.

Shooting Remotely

Option #2 for videography

The second option–shooting remotely–is as revolutionary as it is quite easily achievable. And the results can be impressive. This “virtual” approach requires a bit of planning, as well as a little more hands on involvement from the person being filmed.

The People Productions stay-at-home selfie kitAfter our pre-production conference call with everyone involved, we plan every aspect of the production, down to the tiniest detail. Then, sometime before the day of the shoot, we’ll send our People Productions “Selfie” Video Kit right to you, your presenter, or your client’s door. 

Our approach with the selfie kit allows your on-camera talent to stay at home and set up a simple studio so they look great. This is a huge improvement from their laptop camera shooting up at their face. 

The People Productions stay-at-home selfie kit

This kit includes everything needed for shooting remotely; including an iPhone for the actual filming, a specialized light that provides a flattering look, microphone, brand new make-up kit, even a green screen. Maybe the most important thing we include is an easy to read diagram and instructions to make even someone that has never used video gear feel confident in the setup of their gear. And, we’ll also provide a pre-paid, return shipping label to make it easy to send it back to us.

Since we have done this so many times before, we know how to make the entire process as easy as possible. We direct the talent and run the interview through Zoom. That way we can see what the ‘camera’ sees, offer our thoughts about ‘set design’ and more. We’ll coach the talent so they feel comfortable and will help get their very best takes on video.

There are also other options for capturing footage without traveling. For example, we’ve located and booked video studios near our clients where they could simply show up and be filmed using a professional greenscreen, teleprompter, and high end video camera. 

That’s a Wrap

After the shoot–whether in-person or remote–we’ll take everything from there and go straight into post-production. This is where we’ll craft the best story to engage your target audience by editing the best segments together, make any necessary adjustments to the quality of the film, lighting or sound, and add titles or animation, and music. We work with you to refine the details and approval rounds and provide the video for YouTube or other format you need. 

Visit the our portfolio page to see what other types of work we do, or go to LearningP2P to learn more about our eLearning work.

Time to make a video.

People Productions can guide you through the video production process to improve connections with your audience.

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