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Top 10 Considerations for
Choosing a Video Production Company

So, you want to make a video. Now the question is – how do you find the right people to make it? You want it to stand out, stay true to your brand, inspire and motivate. But how do you know the video company you choose is capable of making your goal a reality? People Productions has compiled a list of 10 important factors to determine the company that’s right for you.

1. Marketing Savvy

Can the company help you make sure you’re delivering the right message, at the right time? Have they asked questions about your target customers and communications objective? The most effective video pieces start with clear marketing goals. It’s important for your video company to have some marketing knowhow, not just production gear.

2. Expertise and Services

Think about the range of services you need. Do you want a scriptwriter extraordinaire? Is 3D product animation part of your wish list Are you looking for a lot of cool, well-designed graphics? What about finding actors and locations? Ask companies you interview about the breadth of their services. The production process is often more efficient and cost-effective if everything’s under one roof.

3. Vision of Your Video

Do they get you? Does the team have an understanding of your market and business model? Do they have a vision of what your video could be, and how it will accomplish your goals? The vision thing can be a great barometer.

4. Niche Focus

For some industries, such as healthcare and technology, it can be helpful to work with a production company that understands your unique needs.

5. Value/Budget

Budget is often the first thing people look at when choosing a production company. But just like anything else, cheapest isn’t always the best value. When you look at an estimate consider what you’re really getting and the quality of the company’s past work. It helps if you give the company an idea of what your budget is and let them tell you the most effective way to maximize your $.

6. Company Size

Now that high quality video equipment is smaller and more affordable, there are a lot of one or two man bands out there. Some do a fantastic job, but some may not have the breadth of knowledge and skills to accomplish your project. Find out if the shop has the infrastructure, media back-up systems and staff to keep your project on time and on budget.

7. Style

In any visual communications or design field there is a certain amount of style preference at play. As you look at sample reels take note if a company has one specific style in the majority of their work, or if they have the ability to create video or digital media that fits your company’s brand and style, not just theirs.

8. Delivery and Distribution

More than ever before media production companies have to understand a broad range of delivery modes and distribution models to make sure you get the most out of your piece. These days most videos have to view well on everything from a tiny mobile device to a huge event screen. Make sure the company you choose can deliver for all of your mediums. You should also ask if the company can help you make a plan for distributing and promoting your video on the web. There are a lot more options than YouTube.

9. Track Record

How long has the company been around? If it’s more than 10 years they’re probably doing a lot of things right. Ask around about the company’s reputation. Who are their other clients? The new kid on the block may talk a good game, but experience often wins the day.

10. Chemistry

When you called the company did you feel like you would be an important client to them? How fast did they respond? Do you get the feeling you’ll get great customer service? You should. And don’t underestimate the importance of just clicking with the team… you’re going to be working closely with these folks, so it might as well be fun. And you’re going to get a better result if the production and creative teams are excited about your project.

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