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Your sales funnel may depend on them more than ever.

How do you keep in touch with your customers and continue your marketing when trade shows are being cancelled and travel has been restricted? With our social events being disrupted we are eager to connect about what is positive. We can rely on technology to keep us connected and empowered. Whether it’s a town hall meeting, a trade show conference, or a sales training, this is the time to deliver a live webinar. Now is the time to step up to the podium. Partner with an agency that has experience in building compelling webinars. These build excitement around special events, presenting stories that captivate audiences and build your email mailing list.

Webinars go far beyond posting educational videos online. They are live events with a predetermined time and date, helping build suspense and a sense of urgency around a specific campaign. Also, most webinars are recorded, enabling people to watch at their convenience later. This way, no one misses an opportunity to hear from you. One huge benefit to the webinar is how attendees have opportunities for live participation and human interaction from any location. Human connection is this medium’s differentiating factor that can make your message more powerful.


With the current anxiety-prone atmosphere around Covid-19, your message is more important than ever. Your audience needs clear communication during this time to feel grounded, knowing they are supported by leaders in your industry. They also want to know how they can participate. Beyond that critical message to your audience, the webinar ultimately benefits your business in the following ways:

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader – When you present insights on a current trend or solve common industry problems, you’re rewarding attendees with answers and yourself with credibility. Advise your audience on what they need, network with new customers, and establish your leadership position.

Create High-Quality Leads – From the first user registration, an audience member has already demonstrated clear interest from the start, which qualifies the lead, making it easier to start natural conversations in the webinar. The webinar medium allows you to meet your customers where they are, guiding them through the sales funnel to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

Stay Cost Effective – Uniting a large number of people typically involves logistical, accommodation and hospitality based expenses. In today’s atmosphere with Covid-19, it’s not worth the liability or financial risk of canceling your event. Webinars allow you to host a live session, or broadcast pre-recorded content to ensure that you maximize attendance.

Promote Team Building and Sales Enablement – Departments based in different regions often lack cohesion in a company’s vision; following up on project status or operations can be inefficient without live interaction. Webinars allow department managers to broadcast information, while attendees can ask questions in real-time, removing confusion and ambiguity.

Provide Distance Learning – Hosting a professional development event with live trainers is an excellent avenue for lifting up your workforce.
Also, you can stay competitive when employees can sharpen their skill sets.

Leverage Old Content – Bring old content into new formats, improving it and multiplying assets in the process. In an age where content is king, this is another way to keep building it.

Drive Engagement – By nature, webinars have the power to captivate. A live video presentation encourages an audience to pay attention. Incorporating quality video content heightens a user’s senses and increases overall retention rates. In the end, it helps feed your sales funnel


Webinars are another important channel in the sales funnel that can help drive users through the buyer’s journey.

Plan – Decide on the topic that you will present to your audience. Determine who will present. Will you partner with any other internal or external groups? We can help narrow your focus so you can keep the webinar on time.

Design – Time to write the content. And, lose the big bullet point lists in Powerpoint! We use extensive graphics to tell a story to engage and make your message memorable.

Promote – Get your email list ready and design the emails, microsite, and social media posts to attract your audience.

Practice – We have found it so important to practice your webinar on the actual webinar platform. We like to hold your hand through this process to work out all the kinks in advance.

Present – Time to get the lights to shine and get on camera. We moderate in the background to help with all the details.

People Productions focuses on building great content, through visual and audio elements that present a company in its best light. It can be beneficial to have a partner who’s comfortable serving up webinar software; the glue that holds your presentation together. We also employ the perfect team of artists, designers, and videographers who can accentuate any message with the right sounds, animations, movement, and passion. We enjoy helping companies build content and ROI through presentations that engage and lead audiences.

Visit our portfolio page to see what other types of work we do, or go to LearningP2P to learn more about our eLearning work.

Get the most out of your next webinar event.

People Productions guides companies through the sales enablement process using webinars to increase sales and improve connections with your audience.

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