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Score, qualify, and capture your lead information.

Ready-Made App

Capture leads and engage visitors with gamification

Collecting your prospects’ information is critical at tradeshows and conferences. The more information you get with each lead, the stronger your next steps. Qualified leads are the golden ticket. How can you pull this all together?
Prospector lets you engage visitors at your booth with a fun quiz that gives them insights into your company or industry while providing you with a picture of who they are and what they already understand. App users have found that prospects are ready to talk after having this gamified experience, and customers gladly enter their information.

Capture leads with Prospector

Let Prospector help you get the valuable information you need to make your tradeshow investments pay off. We’ll help you customize a set of quizzes that you can use at different shows. Or keep it to one in-depth quiz for consistency of data tracking.

Prospector is much more than a badge scanner – it helps build relationships and provides background on your prospect. This tool can include a form to collect information or work with a third-party CRM to push the data to your existing system.

  • Capture customer information without using the trade show’s costly badging system
  • Qualify your leads based on their existing knowledge of your industry or product
  • Port customer information into a CSV or your CRM
  • Works offline at a tradeshow, without an internet connection
  • Kiosk mode is available for people who don’t want to interact with a rep but are interested in the game

Prospector is optimized for Showpad, and even works on your website. Contact us to learn more. 

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Qualify your leads by quizzing their knowledge.

Give your lead immediate feedback and additional information.

Customize a set of quizzes that you can use at different shows.

Business impact

Differentiate the experience for customers in your booth

Prospector quizzes give visitors a fun way to interact at your booth. The experience of playing and winning a game creates a more memorable experience than your competitors’ presentations.

Combine lead capture with content engagement

Let’s face it, everyone at a trade show knows exhibitors want to capture their information, but if you can give them a fun experience and expose them to your content through gamification, they’re more likely to share their information.

Maximize your trade show investment

The cost of trade shows can mount up quickly. Prospector can save you the expense of using the conference badge system and maximize your investment by encouraging visitors to share their information.

Implement quickly and easily

Prospector is fully customized to your sales process and needs. The app can automatically output leads to your CRM or your admin can download them in an Excel document. We can add graphics and images to the quiz based on your specific messaging and brand. Plus it’s easy to provide detailed data that consolidates results across different audiences and shows. Our team can help with the design and writing of the questions, or your team can provide everything to us to finalize the app. Creating the quiz may require some coordination so we recommend allowing 2-3 weeks to create and install this app.

Introductory pricing includes:

  • The one-time setup fee varies depending on your configuration requirements
  • Includes a meeting with the People Productions team providing an overview of the app functionality
  • Includes the addition of your logo and your brand colors to the app

Subscription (billed annually)

Number of users Rate
1-50 users $2.50 per user
51-500 users $1.75 per user
500-1499 users $0.75 per user
1500+ users $3,500 flat rate
3,000+ Contact us
Use on Website Contact us

$750/year minimum

Subscription includes:

  • Digital delivery of the app
  • One training session
  • Training material – ‘how to use the app’ video or PDF
  • App updates issued digitally

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