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Review and present a custom agenda, then proceed to your presentation.

Rundown Planner
Ready-Made App

Plan and kick off your presentations, quick and easy.

The Rundown Planner lets you build a quick agenda from a pre-filled template, complete with your logo and company branding. Then the app creates a page that your reps can show at the beginning of their presentation. Now there’s no need to click out of Showpad to build your agenda, just tweak the template to fit your plan and you’re off and running.

Rundown Planner quickly adds a custom agenda page to a presentation or experience

With an easy-to-use template, reps can quickly add an agenda page to get any presentation or experience off to a great start. Administrators can build one or more templates using your company’s brand and logo and pre-populate common agenda items to help your reps get organized. Then reps can adjust the agenda to fit their presentation requirements. Whether virtual or in-person, a well-planned agenda helps build trust and rapport with your customers.

Rundown Planner is optimized for Showpad, and even works on your website. Contact us to learn more. 

Rundown Planner reusable app icon

Choose from prefilled agenda topics. 

Add custom agenda topics.

Business impact

Drive effective meetings

When meetings run with a mutually understood plan, it helps ensure that all topics are covered and questions answered. Plus it makes the customer feel you value their time.

Help sales reps deliver the right message

A default consistent flow helps ensure all reps deliver the same brand and product message. Additionally, the Rundown Planner’s easy-to-modify agenda lets them add what’s unique to each particular customer and situation.

Make customers feel heard and connected

Starting off with an agenda lets customers know you were listening when the meeting was first set up and allows them to add pertinent items right at the start of your meeting.

Implement quickly and easily

Rundown Planner is essentially a plug-and-play application. We will drop in your logo and brand colors, add in the template agenda you want your reps to use, and install it on your Showpad instance within days.

Introductory pricing includes:

  • The one-time setup fee varies depending on your configuration requirements
  • Includes a meeting with the People Productions team providing an overview of the app functionality
  • Includes the addition of your logo and your brand colors to the app

Subscription (billed annually)

Number of users Rate
1-50 users $0.50 per user
51-500 users $0.40 per user
500-1499 users $0.30 per user
1500+ users $950 flat rate
3,000+ Contact us
Use on Website Contact us

$200/year minimum

Subscription includes:

  • Digital delivery of the app
  • One training session
  • Training material – ‘how to use the app’ video or PDF
  • App updates issued digitally

Learn more about the Rundown Planner App today