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Create a custom landing page that directs conversation.

Ready-Made App

Simply tell your story with an easy-to-navigate set of pages

Give your reps a curated story that’s easy to navigate and tailor to every prospect. StoryFlow works like a mini website incorporating your up-to-date content into simple tabs and tiles. Target your key personas. Segment your portfolio. Once your StoryFlow template is set, customize it with even more engaging elements, such as a 3D product tour so customers can see every angle of your product and click on hot spots for more details. Contact us today and let us show you what’s possible!

Guide sales conversations with StoryFlow

StoryFlow uses interactivity to allow the customer to explore at their own pace or along with a sales rep. Landing pages provide information and can link to other materials like videos, animations, or PDFs – all with your branding.

  • Make navigation easy. Quickly jump to the right content via tabs at the top.
  • Enable quick updates. Simply upload a new asset, tag it, and that new Showpad asset will automatically appear in your StoryFlow.
  • Directly link to your materials in asset management platforms, such as Showpad.
  • Allow reps to customize the experience by providing a link that reps can send to a client so they can navigate through the story on their own, like a microsite. 
  • Support multiple interactive assets such as images with hot spots that highlight competitive advantages, key product benefits or “inside” functionality, or 3D spinners with a 360º view of your product with the swipe of a finger.
  • Integrate on your website
The possibilities are vast to give your reps the tools they need to show how products work and the benefits for the customer.
With a variation, StoryFlow can even work on your website. Contact us to learn more. 
Storyflow reusable app icon

Customize the flow for the conversation.

Display assets including videos, PDFs, PPTs, and more.

Business impact

Reflect your company’s brand and value

You’re committed to excellence. Your digital collateral should reflect that. Interactivity, multimedia, and exceptional design build trust and credibility in your brand and products.

Showcase features, functionality, and benefits

With the flexibility in StoryFlow to embed more advanced assets such as 3D spinners, ROI calculators, clickable workflows, or even augmented reality and other cutting-edge tools, your reps will have everything they need to visually demonstrate your value proposition and break down complex processes and functionality into easily understandable elements.

Keep all your reps on the same message

StoryFlow provides a structured flow made up of your best assets so that all reps can stick to your story and messaging yet have the flexibility to take the conversation where the customer wants to go.

Implement quickly and easily

While StoryFlow is highly customizable, we built in plug-and-play functionality that gives us the ability to produce these premium tools cost-effectively. Contact us, and we’ll help you determine what will deliver the most value for your budget and help your reps be successful.

Introductory pricing includes:


  • The one-time setup fee varies depending on your configuration requirements
  • Includes a meeting with the People Productions team providing an overview of the app functionality
  • Includes the addition of your logo and your brand colors to the app

Subscription (billed annually)

Number of users Rate
1-50 users $4.00 per user
51-500 users $3.00 per user
501-1499 users $2.50 per user
1500+ users $7,500 flat rate
3,000+ Contact us
Use on Website Contact us

$2,000/year minimum

Subscription includes:

  • Digital delivery of the app
  • One training session
  • Training material – ‘how to use the app’ video or PDF
  • App updates

Learn more about the Storyflow App today