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A sales methodology coaches how to talk to your prospective customers. Now, you need sales material that combines your message with your sales method. You want collateral crafted to mesh with the way your team sells. Now is the time to put your sales theories into practice with custom sales materials.

Aligning with your sales methods

How would you adapt your sales material to your methodology? We’ve outlined how we have adapted sales materials to be aligned with some common sales methodologies. A Content Audit of your existing brochures and videos will provide a roadmap to elevate your collateral to match your methodology. Then, we’ll collaborate with you to create new marketing pieces like sales apps, ROI calculators, and other innovative approaches.

Sandler Logo


Sandler coaches to not pitch your products in the first meeting, instead you ask questions, develop a rapport, and understand the customer’s needs. Your reps still need consultative and conversational materials to walk through your product or service.

Challenger Sales Method


Challenger says your customer already has the knowledge they need – so teach your client something new in your materials and tailor your presentation to your specific prospect.

Miller Heiman Method

Miller Heiman

Miller Heiman knows that solution selling has evolved, and 65% of customers value discussing their issues with a sales rep. Help your reps solve the customers’ business problems.

force management logo

Force Management 

Force Management wants you to train those reps! Make your marketing apps nimble to help the reps answer questions without pause.

Meddic Sales Methodology Consultants


Meddic looks to analytics, so we make sure you have specific sales data to help your team gauge the interest level so you can improve your forecasts. This works great with apps and sales enablement platforms. An ROI calculator can help with the economic buyer and empower your champion. Push past the window shopper who is just exploring their pain points but is not ready to make a purchase.

Spin Selling Method

SPIN Selling

SPIN Selling needs materials to explore the problems clients are facing and showcase the implications, or cause and effects, of those problems. Plus, ROI calculators can be very effective with the Need-Payoff stage of SPIN.