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Connect With Customers Using the Power of Virtual Reality

It’s time to get more comfortable with that VR tool that you’re not tapping. Today’s digital natives and rapidly changing technology are challenging marketers to find new, innovative ways to connect with customers and bring our stories to life. Enter virtual reality (VR). While you may associate VR with popular gaming platforms in the consumer market, its application in the B2B sector is loaded with potential.

Connect with customers using the power of virtual reality
Connect with customers using the power of virtual reality
Connect with customers using the power of virtual reality
Connect with customers using the power of virtual reality

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    Quick Look: Pelvic Health VR App

    Our team recently created a VR app for one of our medical implant clients. They wanted to make a splash at their conference booth and engage with clinicians in a hands-on way that would educate them on how to evaluate a patient for their product.

    The result?

    The user experience was well received with doctors exclaiming it was “the coolest thing” they saw at the conference. Students were particularly excited, as they hadn’t experienced this content in their training yet. They were able to place the needle, check placement and other key tasks virtually. Putting on that headset and navigating a virtual reality operating room captured 100% of this target audience’s attention. Rather than listening to a sales pitch, they were immersed and learning about the product in a hands-on way. Nothing works better for helping customers experience this product outside of actually performing the surgery. Goal achieved.

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    How can VR transform your next customer interaction?

    Here are just a few ideas to spark your imagination.
    Bridge the Geographical Gap

    When your products are too large to lug to a conference or a client’s office, VR can bring them to life. Participate in conferences, product launches and team collaborations without the logistical challenges. VR replicates physical environments, offering an immersive experience that fosters better communication, improves productivity and reduces travel costs.

    VR can bring people together from around the world, right at their own desks. Imagine your prospects in Brazil and Germany, putting on VR headsets and virtually taking a tour of your facility.

    Enhanced Training and Education

    B2B organizations often deal with complex products and processes that require comprehensive training for their clients and employees. Virtual Reality can revolutionize training programs by simulating real-life scenarios and creating a risk-free environment for learning. Whether it’s training employees on intricate machinery or educating customers on product usage, VR offers a cost-effective and efficient solution.

    Streamline Prototyping 

    By creating virtual prototypes, businesses can save time and costs associated with physical iterations. Stakeholders can evaluate and make changes to designs, improving efficiency and reducing time-to-market.

    Immersive Product Demonstrations

    Let your clients get their hands on your product, virtually. VR allows them to experience products firsthand, virtually exploring their features and functionality. This enhances customer engagement, accelerates the sales cycle, and boosts conversion rates.

    The differences between AR and VR



    Adds digital elements to a real-world setting
    Can exist in a a real setting, such as an operating room or lab, or be in a computer-generated setting
    Users control their presence in the real world
    Users exist in the system
    Can be accessed with a smartphone or tablet without downloading any software
    Requires a VR headset. We’ll walk you through the details!

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