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Is your company new to sales enablement? Or, maybe you need to revitalize your existing platform to have stronger adoption and increased content usage. There are so many reasons to upgrade your organizational schema in your sales enablement platform. We’ve helped enterprise companies to small-scale sales organizations lay the foundation for a successful implementation of sales enablement platforms, like Showpad, through our process.


Enable your buyers…

A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a solid Sales Enablement foundation

While sales enablement is the common term, in many ways these platforms are ‘buyer enablement’ because you are improving the buyer’s experience. When set up correctly, Showpad and other buyer enablement platforms help teams achieve goals in scalable, predictable, and repeatable ways – while also allowing your sales team the flexibility they need in the field. Setting up a platform can be daunting without guidance however, and it’s risky to simply “shotgun” your sales enablement practices. Luckily, we have a step-by-step process for launching platforms effectively, providing ROI with strong content and consistent messaging.

Overall, your mission should be to bridge marketing and sales groups by talking to the leaders, and then building a vision to ensure reps are effective in their pitches. Incorporating training throughout your SE approach is another  key component. Once the best sales paths are identified, we can help create the tagging schema, structure, tools, playbooks, and apps that accentuate your buyer’s desires. This will help you reduce the sales cycle length and increase deal sizes by being a trusted partner. 

Leave the guesswork out of sales enablement by relying on experts. When you need a partner in this journey, People Productions is an experienced guide when it comes to launching and setting up a successful sales enablement approach that is enthusiastically accepted by your team.

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Your process should establish a structural foundation that supports your buyer’s journey with the goal of shortening the path to closing each deal. 

  • Start by sifting through the mountains of legacy content to ensure there’s a clear and cohesive messaging. We’ve written up how you can have an effective content audit here
  • Look inside your company – your sales reps have a wealth of information about your customers. What connects the best in the field? What objections do they hear?
  • Ensure your content covers all of the needs in one voice, from the website to the materials the field reps use.
  • Develop a methodology for organizing your content within the sales enablement platform
  • And, of course, energize and train the sales team on the platform, your messaging, and the materials.
Launching a Sales Enablement Platform

People Productions Knows How to Launch Your Platform

Showpad, the leading global sales enablement platform, selected People Productions as their implementation partner.

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Our 3 pillars of Sales Enablement


Ensure teams are aligned and messaging is consistent for your customers at every step of the buyer’s journey


Use modern tools to engage and thrill your customer


Excite your teams with inspiring educational materials that empowers your team

Our Sales Enablement Areas of Discipline

Content Audits

You may already have a lot of content, but is all of it working for you? Our team will review your current collateral and assess its usefulness for your sales process.

Sales Rep Interviews

Your sales team is on the front line with your customers. Our team will interview your sales reps to find out what collateral is working and what needs help.

Content Development Strategy

We’ll work with you to determine where the gaps are in your sales process and what content should be created to complete your sales funnel.

Aligning Messaging

Having clear, concise, and consistent messaging throughout your collateral is key. We can help you take a step back to ensure that your messaging resonates with your customers.

Content Creation

From print pieces to advanced 3D animations, our in-house team of creatives can bring your content ideas to life.

Custom App Development

Engage your customers with interactivity. We can develop new concepts for customized apps, or turn your existing content into an interactive sales tool.

Content Audits

  • Find the gaps in your existing marketing materials to meet the customer at every stage.
  • We interview your product, marketing, and sales teams to ensure your message is consistent and your customers have access to the information they need to feel confident in buying from you.

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